The Clan RGS Declared Abandoned

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The Clan RGS Declared Abandoned  Empty The Clan RGS Declared Abandoned

Post by Rudolph on Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:44 pm

Without the RGS System , I Finally Supported with Advertuer Pub to Create "Ori" a Minecraft Server , which The Advertuer Pub Owner will no longer has to Followed RGS Founder Laws & Limits and without word (RGSMC)

Project Historical Reviver "Modified 'Historical' with A and R" For set the name of server box or files but not needed for Motd

Hista Ori Rical
Ori , stand for , New ,Adventuer Pub . Hista stand for ,Revive adventuer pub . Rical stand for , Lost of old Adventuer Pub

Support with Adventuer Pub Network
Minecraft Server box name (Stand for Machines , not for Motd unless decided)

2016 24/7 Server
Slot : 9999
Ram : 100GB
Location : North America
Founder : BlockyRudolph /or KBz l Rudolph

Local Test Server
Slot : 10
Ram 2GB
Founder : BlockyRudolph /or Kbz l Rudolph

First 24/7 Server
Slot  :15
Ram :2GB
Founder : BlockyRudolph /or Kbz l Rudolph
Location : North America
Shut down : Aug 5 ,2015
This was First RGS Minecraft Server

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